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goose is a database migration tool. Manage your database schema by creating incremental SQL changes and/or Go functions.

Installing goose

Background is a fork of with the following changes:

  • No config files
  • Default goose binary can migrate SQL files only
  • Go migrations:
  • We don't go build Go migrations functions on-the-fly from within the goose binary
  • Instead, we let you create your own custom goose binary, register your Go migration functions explicitly and run complex migrations with your own *sql.DB connection
  • Go migration functions let you run your code within an SQL transaction, if you use the *sql.Tx argument
  • The goose pkg is decoupled from the binary:
  • goose pkg doesn't register any SQL drivers anymore, thus no driver panic() conflict within your codebase!
  • goose pkg doesn't have any vendor dependencies anymore
  • We use timestamped migrations by default but recommend a hybrid approach of using timestamps in the development process and sequential versions in production.